HELP ... (need to know how to do something)

Hi I really need to know how to do this and I can’t seem to find a way to do so.

So basically, it’s hard to explain but i’ve seen authors switch to the back of people and then the front quickly so that you can see the characters from different points of views. (I think it’s to do with the cameras :woman_shrugging:)

Anyway i’d really appreciate it if someone could help me out thanks. Xoxo

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Do u mean like from left to right or where you can see their backs?

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My friend taught me how to do it do you mean like this

Story: framed by Hanna


Yes!! How do you do it please?

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Where you can see their backs.


Ok so first if you want it like the image above sport your character to where you want it zoom in on them and have them idle_rear then you need to layer the character. Next up you spot the second character and have them face forward let’s say angry_arms_crossed. And have that character layered and have the background then.

Now when switching it up get a similar background and this time have the first character who was rear be idle_think and layer em and have the second character be idle_rear and you have to keep coding that

Tysm, but do you know how to switch it if that makes sense so you could see the character from the back like shown in the pictures then swap it to the other way round so you can see the other character from the back? Xo

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Also, I don’t know if you already explained that in paragraph 2 so I asked it anyway.

Would it be too much trouble if you could show me a script for it? It’s fine if not you’ve been a great help!:blush:

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Yes ofc it’s fine there’s one on episode life I’ll link it below

Yeah when you wanna switch it just put the other character in place of the other one:

@character1 is rear
@character 2 is idle

@character2 is rear
@character1 is idle

And you add the backgrounds

Aw thank you really appreciate it!

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Np :slight_smile: