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Hi there so I have a little coding problem, I wanted to have a choice within a choice and I tried using labels but I keep getting the “Unexpected Character” Error…

Here’s the script


What make up date sounds more interesting?

“A Romantic Picnic Date!” {
goto picnic_date
} “A Fun Day At The Pier!” {
goto pier_date


A romantic picnic date is always a good way to rekindle a relationship.

@transition iris out black


&cut to zone 1 AND zoom on 134 298 to 176% in 0
&GLENN spot 0.751 2 271 in zone 1 AND GLENN moves to layer 3
&KIARA spot 0.714 203 265 in zone 1 AND KIARA moves to layer 3 AND KIARA faces left
@overlay 5477990272598016_PICNIC BLANKET shifts to 43 122 in zone 2
@overlay 5477990272598016_PICNIC BLANKET scales to 0.902 0.902
@overlay 5477990272598016_PICNIC BLANKET moves to layer -1
@overlay 5477990272598016_PICNIC BASKET shifts to 88 181 in zone 2
@overlay 5477990272598016_PICNIC BASKET scales to 0.311 0.311
@overlay 5477990272598016_PICNIC BASKET moves to layer 1

@transition iris in black 3

@GLENN walks to spot 0.751 113 264 in zone 1 in 4 AND GLENN is run_athletic_neutral_loop

GLENN (talk_sad)
What’s wrong??

KIARA (talk_agree_happy)

GLENN (talk_doubtful)
Kiara, you texted me | italic | “I need your help, it’s a 911 emergeny”.

KIARA (talk_sheepish_rubneck)
Oh right…

KIARA (talk_shrug_neutral)
I knew it was the only way you would come.

GLENN (talk_sad_exhausted)
Look I have a lot of important things I need to do-

KIARA (talk_armraised_sad)
And our relationships is part of that.

KIARA (talk_explain_neutral)
I want to uphold my end of the bargain, and the only way to do that is to work on our friendship.

KIARA (talk_neutral)
And that starts with you trusting the fact that I won’t abandon you.

GLENN (talk_armscrossed_sad_loop)
I know you won’t…

&GLENN is idle_armscrossed_neutral_loop

KIARA (talk_afraid)
Then why have you been avoiding me all day?

GLENN (talk_awkward_loop)
I’ve been worried that I might.

&GLENN is idle_awkward_scratch_loop

KIARA (talk_doubtful)
What? That doesn’t even make sense.

GLENN (talk_sheepish_rubneck)
Kiara… that wedding made me feel things I never knew existed.

GLENN (talk_armscrossed_sad_loop)
The only person I ever had a bond with was my mom, and as I got older it started to disolve because we became business partners.
So I forgot… what it feels to want to protect someone…
And I was just scared you’ll never feel the same way for me as I do for you,

GLENN (talk_sad_serious_loop)
So I tried pushing you away, in hopes of getting you off my mind.

GLENN (talk_sad_exhausted)
But I just can’t Kiara, there’s just something about you…

(There’s something about him too…)


“KISS HIM!!!” {

@KIARA is kiss_makeout_start AND GLENN is kiss_makeout_start_rear

@KIARA is kiss_makeout_stop AND GLENN is kiss_makeout_stop_rear

KIARA (talk_sheepish_rubneck)
I set up a picnic dinner to try and apologize to you.

GLENN (flirt_wink_happy)
I think what we were doing before was a better apology…

@KIARA is kiss_makeout_start AND GLENN is kiss_makeout_start_rear

readerMessage Glenn +1


} “Just continue talking.” {

KIARA (talk_sheepish_rubneck)
I’m not gonna lie, i’ve been going crazy without talking to you.

KIARA (talk_sad)
And I just don’t want to feel like that again…

GLENN (talk_agree_happy)
I promise i’ll never leave you like that again.

KIARA (talk_awkward_loop)
Well I set up a little picnic dinner to try to apologize to you…

GLENN (talk_handsonhips_neutral)
Thank god, i’m starving!

@KIARA is eyeroll_sarcastic


goto end_scene


Walking around the pier allows for fresh air, and it will give us a chance to do something fun together.

@transition iris out black


@cut to zone 2

@transition iris in black 3

#there will be dialogue here just haven’t added it yet

@transition iris out black 3

goto end_scene

label end_scene

Remove those underscores between the word “label” and the label name. There needs to be a space, not an underscore:

label picnic_date
label pier_date

You’re a life saver thank you so much!!! :two_hearts:

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