*Help needed* Background question


Hey guys I been working on a new background, but how do I erase words of of the original background


What are u using to create or work on the background?


I’m using Adobe and Phonto


what adobe program? Photoshop?


Yeah Photoshop


ok, send a picture of the background with the letters.


Okay here you go!e4d2c1bb5b99408f3c6cf1698e772812


Just a heads up, I’m pretty sure the creator of that background has previously stated no editing.


Oh sorry though this was an original let me change it




i think its still not good to edit that background what you just send.


Sorry didn’t know


Since @PerplexedJam said that the creator of the background states no editing.


its ok. we make mistakes.


I’ll have to be more careful




Well thanks for helping anyway


Make sure you read their rules before doing anything. @PerplexedJam thanks for the heads up




If it helps, other creators have used the same style to make similar backgrounds that may be more suited to what you want :slight_smile:

(Be sure to credit the creators stated at the bottom of each background if you use them).

There is also @ThorneArtStudio who has many backgrounds and overlays, including cafe. (Be sure to read the terms).

A website full of royalty free backgrounds with no need to credit.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: