Help needed! character is onscreen instead of offscreen :((

sooo I want Jace to be in another zone to change features offscreen but as you can see he isn’t in zone 6, instead he’s in zone 1. can anyone help me? thanks!

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Oh, I thought only 3 zones exist, lol

Anyway, you can use the spot placer and just move him off screen

I tried that, I just didn’t use spot directing. and yes, there are only three zones but you can use more they’re just a black screen lol

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Ah yeah exactly!
If you cut to zone 6 then the reader will still see the character if you know what I mean?

I would just cut to any zone (1-3) and move the character off screen and copy&paste the spot details :blush:

just did, didn’t work :confused:

@Dara.Amarie do you have an ideas how I can fix this? :see_no_evil:

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have you tried to simply put him to the next zone? if you are in zone 1 it’s enough to put him to zone 2 to make him offscreen. I never used 6 zone background so I am even not sure the episode script recognized 6 zones - with 1-3 it should work for sure.

And if not just use spot directing drag him offscreen and save the coordinates - since you don’t want to see him it doesn’t really matter where he stands in the next zone.

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That’s exactly what I was referring to :blush:

i dont understad tbh…oh now I see you are not the author of the thread - sorry. :smiley:

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