Help needed: Character won't perform action after walking


Normally I try to solve errors on my own but after several tries, I’ve decided to hit the forums :’)

So, I want my characters (Layla and Adam) to do a certain animation “shocked” after they walk/run. However, only Adam performs the animation after they run.

I do have noticed that characters only perform an action if they’re walking to a spot in 1 sec. I don’t know if that’s also the case here.

Anyway, this is what my script looks like:

&pan to zone 1 in 2 AND zoom on 320 263 to 215% in 2
&pause for 1.5 THEN LAYLA walks to spot 0.644 206 254 in zone 1 in .5 AND LAYLA is run_casual THEN LAYLA is startled_surprised
&pause for .5 THEN KACI is talk_startled AND KACI faces left
&pause for .65 THEN AJ is talk_awkward AND AJ faces left
@ADAM walks to spot 0.687 270 247 in zone 1 in 2 AND ADAM is run_athletic
@ADAM is talk_neutral_deny

Does anyone know how I can solve this problem?


Maybe move the:
THEN LAYLA is startled_surprised

To the next line:
@LAYLA is startled_surprised

This is just a guess. Might not be right :slightly_smiling_face:


Unfortunately, that didn’t work but thanks for the tip though :wink:


What I do for spot walking:
@YOU walks to spot (insert spot numbers here) AND YOU does it while walk_exhausted then YOU starts idle_exhausted


Let me know if that works!

I strongly recommend using “start” over “is” in the command. Technically both are the same, but in my experience “start” works better


It worked! Thank you so much, you’re a lifesaver!

I’ve stumbled upon this problem several times, but from now on I’ll start using “starts” way more often.


No problem! :slight_smile:


I always use “starts” whenever I’m beginning a scene too, before doing a transition fade in. It helps and makes the visuals look smoother.


Please close this thread :slight_smile: @Sydney_H



Topic closed by OP request. :wink: