Help needed finding a story

I remember few years back reading a story that really hit hard, but it seems from updates or uninstalling/installing Episode, the things I’ve read haven’t saved.
It was a community story about growing up in an abusive home (obviously, there were warnings for every chapter) from the perspective of a little girl. I honestly don’t remember much as this was a while back but the story was really emotional, and I believe there was a happy ending of running away or something.
any help would be very greatly appreciated! thanks guys!

That’s what I thought as well!

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I read the first chapter and sadly it’s not the one, but thank you!
I think I remember the title and cover art having something to do with a rose and blood?

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my memory decided to come through! it’s Blood and Roses!
thanks guys for helping :slight_smile:

Well you should have guessed.