HELP NEEDED FOR MY COVER (Requires editing, costume hair and clothes)

Hi Loves I need one large cover and one small one. I will be posting on this for other covers for other stories as well, if your interested in having something other than what I’m posting for right now then just stick around. I come up with new stories everyday so I’m sure I will need lot’s more covers :woozy_face: :blush: :heart:
For now It will be for a story called “My Angel”
Please put your examples
Please make an estimate of the time it will be done. Please make this a little more you would say originally because we aalllll know…shit happens :upside_down_face::neutral_face::smirk:
Please If you have any issues with making the cover let me know
Also if u have an art shop please leave it down below I do this because I don’t know what art shop to got to lol
Please when u make the guy make him tall and muscular and please make the girl short but curvy and add any angel wings to the guy that u want as long as they are the color white and pls make the wings big

If u can do custom hair for the girl image


Hiya, check me out

Ur post got cut, so u can send me deets there and it should be done in 3 days. :wink:

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