Help needed for spot and bubble directing

Hey so i’m working on my first story and I don’t have a laptop so I do it on my iPad. I tried the spot helper for the characters and bubble but it won’t work.
Here’s a screenshot of my script and preview. The narrator is way too high. Does someone have a template of all the spots that I could use? The same goes with the male character he’s a little too tall. A friend did it for me. Could someone help me? I’m a beginner I’m sorry.


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Noo dont use spot helper for dialougue use the bubble helper!

I tried. Nothing of the directing works on the IPad. :pensive:

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There isn’t a template for speech bubbles.
You need to use the navigation tab and select bubble helper. Set the speech bubble at your desires spot and copy an paste the coordinates into your script in your portal.

Thank you, I’ll try again but I’m not sure if it will work. I think it only does on a laptop.

It work on mobile web as well. Google Chrome works best with the portal. This goes for spot directing as well.

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I tried on Google Chrome and it also don’t work… I’ll try on my phone.

Thank you so much! It worked on my phone with the app. :heart::pray:

No problem! Happy writing!