*Help needed* How do I make a high quality png of my character?

I honestly can’t anymore. I cut out my MC from the episode character creation thingie and it’s LOW RES AND IDK HOW TO FIX IT? If anyone could help that would be amazing <3 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

In the writer portal, Make a scene with ur character in it and then preview it. Tap on the preview screen for about 5 seconds. U’ll get to see a no. of options with the “Download Image” in it. Now, click on it. Now, as for getting a high-quality cutout (PNG) image, u can use this site…

Hope it helps u…:blush:

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Thanks for the help! But do i right or left click the preview screen?

Oh, u are using a laptop :sweat_smile: then there’s no need to tap for a few seconds simply right-click on it…

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Ahh thanks so much! <3

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