Help needed? I can help you!


I can help you with any possible idea you need help with coding. However, when I am coding, I may change the character’s name to Omen. This is because I need to get used to typing Omen. So, just change the name in the script to your character’s name. If you need a complicated script, just message me on this topic and I will DM you the script if I saw it.
If you want a script, you need to tell me these things:

Tell me the script you want. (A door code, a statistics bar, etc.)
(Not necessary) Tell me the type of story you want it on. Limelight, Ink, or Classic? (Sorry, but I’m only good at complicated scripts in Limelight. I’m trying to advance to Ink, then eventually Classic. Sorry Classic Fans!)
Tell me anything else you think is necessary to tell me about the script.

I look forward to helping you all!


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