Help Needed: Most Popular Hairstyles- Male and Female * Limelight

Hey there fellow directors/readers, I need some assistance if you have a few free moments. :slight_smile:

I am working on a secret something for Vogvhathos, and I am looking to choose roughly ten hairstyles for each gender out of the limelight list that would encompass ‘all’ of them as well as be racially inclusive. If it helps, it will NOT need to be a ‘child’ or an ‘elderly’ hairstyle for this. Colors also do not need to be listed. This is for the style only. ETA: Ten male, and ten female. Not ten total :slight_smile:

For example, no need for BOTH:
Short Wavy Hair Solid + Short Wavy Hair Ombre
Long Feathered + Hair Flip
Dreads Braided + Long Braided
or even
Long Straight Loose Solid + Short High Ponytail (because it could technically be the ‘same’)

If you had to choose TEN ONLY hair styles (for each), which would YOU pick? Or if you don’t have time to list a whole ten, what are some/is one you feel should ABSOLUTELY be included, regardless of the other ten?

Note: Please do not take this to mean I don’t feel there should be this many hairstyles on Episode. I do. This is for something else and I need to limit how many I choose because… reasons, haha.

I thought this might help:





  • Slicked Back Solid
  • Messy Undercut
  • Medium Taper Wavy
  • Long Dreadlocks
  • Generic Short
  • Curly Mohawk
  • Tousled Loose Curls Long
  • Long Top Messy Curls
  • Manbun
  • Generic Short
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  • Sleek Ponytail
  • straight Medium (and the one with the normal ponytail)
  • Short Wavy Ombre
  • Long Straight Loose Solid (and this one with the ponny/half ponny)
  • Medium Curly Solid
  • Conservative Cut
  • Long Voluminous Curls Loose
  • Medium Braided
  • Long Feathered (!)
  • Short Straight Tucked
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the first two are my favourite styles!

Thank you! Hopefully lots more vote :slight_smile: It’s tough to decide, especially on the female. There are SO MANY, haha, which is great, but… oof!

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:joy::joy: yes! every time i need to make an character i just can’t decide what hairstyle! :joy::woman_shrugging:

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Long feathered (:raised_hands:t3:)
Short wavy ombré
Wavy side curls
Long straight loose solid
Sleek ponytail
Long voluminous curls loose
Braids updo
Straight medium
Short pixie
Long braided

Medium side curls
Medium taper wavy
Curly Mohawk
Messy undercut
Long top messy curls
Medium wavy messy
Long dreadlocks
Generic short

Hope that helps :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Long Straight Loose Solid
Voliuminous Curls
Long Voluminous Curls Loose
Double Buns
Pinup Victory Rolls (my brother really likes this one a lot)
Bantu Knots
short Wavy Ombre
Side Part Curly Asymmetrical
long faux Hawk Solid
Long double Dutch Braids

Medium Taper Wavy
Medium Wavers
Conservative Cut
Long Top Messy Curls
Messy Undercut
Slicked Back Solid
Wavy Long
Curly Mohawk
Crew Cut
Dread Loose Top Short

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is it just me or do I have more female then male hair?
:crazy_face: hold on let me edit it haha


  1. Short Wavy Ombre (my favorite)
  2. Afro
  3. Wavy Long
  4. Classic Bob
  5. Wavy Side Curls
  6. Short Wavy Asymmetrical
  7. Long Voluminous Curls
  8. Medium Curly Solid
  9. Long Straight Loose Solid
  10. Hair Flip


  1. Afro
  2. Wavy Long
  3. Small Bun
  4. Long Braided
  5. Short Shaggy
  6. Tousled Loose Curls Long
  7. Emo Pixie
  8. Medium Wavy Messy
  9. Curly Loose Afro Hair
  10. Long Dreadlocks
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Thanks for the bump :slight_smile: I was torn between this and that one because this is technically asking how I should decide on what code to use for my story …yet also asking for favorites, haha.

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Long Bang Short Hair
Dreads Loose Top Short
Messy Undercut
Medium Taper Wavy
Medium Side Curls
Tousled Loose Curls Long
Wavy Messy
Mohawk Dreads Short

I don’t like 10… just maybe like 8.


Straight Medium
Long Wavy Parted

There’s not many for the Females that feel special to me… If I had to add more, they’d be in the new hairstyles that we’re getting (who knows when.)

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