Help needed on a stupid thing I did

So, I got bored during classes this year and became friends with this guy in my class. So, I was always one to steal pencils but this year I went too much. I took about 12 of his pencils through the year and now I want to give them back but in a funny way.
He doesn’t leave the class very often. We also have two classes together and I sit near him both perioda so it’ll be easier whatever I do.
Ik this is such a stupid thing I did but I gotta go out with a bang, so thx for ur ideas in advance! :heart:


i think it’d be funny if you gave them back one or a few at a time. like “accidentally” dropping a pencil and saying “oOps, can you get that for me?” though this would only work if he recognizes it’s his own.

you could also wrap all the pencils in wrapping paper and put a bow on top, saying it’s a gift for him. but then he realizes you’re actually just giving him his pencils back. a classic, in my opinion.

maybe even write a joke letter, saying how truly sorry you are for stealing his pencils, and how it will never happen again. make it overly cliche and as he finishes reading it, pout as you drop the pencils on the table.

these are very random, but i hope you get some use for them. good luck : )


Omg I love all of these, I asked my friend which she thought was best and the last seems like what I’m gonna do :rofl: hopefully turns out good


pls lmk how it goes. that’s amazing

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Lmao, I will. Just trying now come with a way to write the joke letter :rofl:

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