Help Needed On Making Story Seem More Interesting



Hello all! I need help making my story seem more interesting, first up is the cover! Does this cover catch your eye?

  • Heck, yes!
  • Not Really
  • Kinda

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Secondly, Is this a good description:
What will happen after 16-year-old Emma gives birth to newborn twins Isabella and Hope, will she find True Love and happiness??

  • Heck, yes!!
  • Ew, no

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If you voted “No” to number 2, any suggestions?


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Emma, a sixteen year old, gives birth to two beautiful twins. What would be in store for her? Love? Lies? Drama? Read to find out.


OMG!! That sounds awesome!


The trees create more emphasis then the characters…if you want it like that, leave it, if you want the characters to create emphasis I would try to add intensity to the characters or low the background intensity (not much tho)


Oh boy… Now this is my personal opinion and my preferences.
U can rephrase it any way u want, but I wouldn’t be interested in a story that revolves around pregnancy, even more teenage one.
Wondering bout MC’s wrong life decisions… Yeah. But not reading, sorry :confused:


Like I tell MANY people it’s my FIRST story!

(Sorry If I seem rude, I just get all the little self-cofedince I have, from this story, and how far it’s come)


Hey it’s fine.
U asked a question, I answered from my perspective.
A lot of people enjoy reading these kinds of stories. I just happened to not be one of them.


Anyone who’s an art scene artist please check out this thread


How about giving more of the plot away? Yes, its a teen mum story that leaves a teenager in a dilemma, but I would suggest adding more of the other issues she faces. Does she have an enemy? How does everyone treat her now she’s a young mother? Emphasise on what other troubles she faces instead of a vague description that doesn’t really pull a reader in (sorry if that sounds a bit rude :sweat_smile:).


What would you suggest for a description then?


Well, what’s the main conflict of the story (not including the fact she has 2 kids)?


Being a teen mom and an actress.


How about “16 and her priorities on the line, new mother, Emma, has to deal with a dilemma - the fame and pressure of the acting world, or a full devotion to her children - but could her true love add to her struggle or help her find happiness?”


That description is too long for Episode’s format, could you shorten it a bit?


“Priorities on the line, young, new mother, Emma, deals with a dilemma - the pressure of acting or devotion to her children - but does her true love add to it or help her?”




Glad to help!


On a scale of 1-10, how much does the cover catch your eye?


8, All it needs is more emphasis on the text and the characters,