Help Needed On Making Story Seem More Interesting

No, I was just saying that that is what the description makes it seem like, but what is you’re new description I would like to read it! And again sorry if that came off as rude.

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Priorities on the line, young, new mother, Emma, deals with a dilemma - the pressure of acting or devotion to her children - but does her true love add to it or help her

P.S It’s fine, I know you’re only trying to help.
Also, is this description better?

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I can’t say much about the description itself since I’m not much of a drama fan anyway (which is fine; a story can’t appeal to everyone, and doesn’t have to).

I can give some feedback on the cover, though. It’s eye-catching, but there’s room for improvement. I’d suggest adding some more outlines to the characters themselves to make the image seem a little sharper and higher-quality. Meanwhile, it could help to blur the background with the trees. Remember that things in the foreground and things you want to stand out should be more in-focus. The black border around it is a good idea to bring attention to the center, and the fonts are great, but the text isn’t entirely legible where it’s crossing with the girl’s legs. I’d suggest either adjusting something so the text is entirely in the black area or adding a black outline or shadow to the font. White outlined with black is a great choice for making text legible no matter where it is.

I know you mentioned not making your own covers, but this is stuff you can keep in mind for when you look for someone to make a new one or if you ever feel like giving it a shot yourself. (In the case of re-outlining, instead of asking the editor to do it, you may want to look for one who normally does that as part of their art style anyway). There are plenty of editors on Instagram who take requests. I’m sure you’ll find some if you look around the #EpisodeEdits tag. Be sure to check out examples of their work beforehand, so you know what to expect. I’d offer to do it, but I don’t have my usual tech for editing/art right now (rest in peace, Alvar’s tablet. You will be missed.)

Yes, it’s much better and just so you know, I wasn’t saying that you have to have drama in your story, I was just saying that that is what I prefer.


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Which Eyebrow Shape Is Better For Him?

  • Medium Sharp (Second Picture and Original Eyebrow Shape)
  • Thin Arched (First Picture)

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Tell me your opinions on why

Which Large Cover Catches Your Interest More?

  • #1
  • #2

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Okay, @K.F what about cover #2 makes it more interesting in your opinion?

It’s a bit cleaner and shows more on what the story is about (baby).

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Okay, thanks!

So, on the Small cover, should I show either her pregnant, or them each holding a baby? (as she has twins)

Pregnant, It will show the reader that the pregnancy is important.

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Okay, thank you!

What pose should she be in?

flirt_shy, idle_sad, or cry_sniff_loop (In your opinion)


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Then what pose should Felix be in? In your opinion.


Probably flirt_shy

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