Help needed! Pictures for my episodes (living rooms, bed rooms ect.)

If anyone would be willing to help me with pictures for my episode that would be great. I’m looking for a personal person to go to! please PM me for more info! tysm. <3

I could (maybe) help depending on what you need done, I’ve created a bedroom and living room background before. It isn’t complex though.


There are a few people who may also be able to help you. @episode.justine is good at editing backgrounds. @AMagic and @aprilish also create backgrounds.


Okay, thank you.

Eep I think you’ve got a little confused. I don’t create backgrounds :joy:

I’m so sorry, but I have no idea how to create backgrounds or art of any form. She just got confused. :sweat_smile: I hope you find an artist tho.

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U can also check on for backgrounds.

So sorry! I got you confused with @aprill for a second :woman_facepalming:.



ahahaha no problem

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