Help Needed! Story won't continue after script

This is probably has an easy answer but this is my first story and i’m not sure why it’s doing this

I have a script that allows the reader to customize their character, that works perfect and I started putting characters where I want them on the screen after that but when I preview my story it goes straight from “@pause for a beat” to “To be Continued” without showing my on screen characters.

I would suggest just deleting that
To be continued…”

You don’t need it and you can just add it back when your ready to close off your story, it won’t complicate your story either and just overall make it a lot more simple.

It’s because they’re not doing anything. Let them do a certain animation for a certain time like:
@CHARACTER1 is idle_neutral_loop
@pause for 3

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Add some dialogues before line 2278 (Dialogue - INT. BLACK - NIGHT) or just delete lines 2278, 2279 and 2280

That worked thank you!

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