Help needed! (Story)

Well, basically I made this thread for some useful help. :sob:

With my story.

Well, my story. Is about, a girl who’s a half demon and witch. She basically, finds out her little sister gets killed, from a rival enemy and basically her and her new “supernatural” are trying to find the culprit for her sisters killing and the mysterious murders in their own town.

The main character, were apart of the army.

Keep that in mind. :sob:

And I just need help in finding an intro for my story.

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For intros you can go to:


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Can you help me request? :sweat:

Because somethings on the form, I don’t get…

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Happy to, what do you need?

What’s your story about?


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That? I dunno, what the second and third one means. :sweat_smile:

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The text is like the title, just give the story name, the font and stuff.

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Oh, okay. Thank you so much. :joy:

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