Help needed! What are some questions you’d like to ask a famous celebrity couple?

I guess the caption says everything :speak_no_evil:.
I’m about to code a mini game Quiz. Therefore, I’m in desperate need of some fitting questions. I really don’t have any ideas.
So basically the Mc has to pretend to be a famous celebrity who’s engaged to the guy sitting next to her in a talk show. If the reader chooses the wrong answer, the audience will get suspicious.
So what are your ideas? :relaxed:

How did you meet each other? What were some of the struggles to get together? What made you fall in love? Did any jobs or fans get in the way of dating?

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Where did you meet?
How did you know he/she was the one?
What are your plans for the future?
How long have you known each other?
How did he/she propose?

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What was your first date like?
How long have you known eachother for before dating?
What were your first impressions of eachother?

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@DodsonEpi @Ebx @Dragon Thank you so much guys! :heart: This helps a lot! These are some good questiosn and I’ll make sure to use as many as possible :relaxed:


You’re welcome :two_hearts:

Where did they meet?
Are they a serious couple?
Can we expect kids in the future from them?
When will he pop the question of marriage?

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Thank you for your suggestions! :relaxed:

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