Help needed with bonus points at end of chapter

I want my readers to be able to “buy” points at the end of the episode, but how can I do this and make it a one time thing? (so they can’t just do it infinitely by retapping the gain points choice)

thanks !!!

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You could do it as a gem option (so the gems are like money)

Would you like to buy points?

choice (buying_points)
< GEMS > “Yes, give me the points” {


“No, I’m good”{
@CHARACTER exits right

I don’t know if this is what you mean?
You could also do it as

“+5 points”{
goto (nextscene)

Something like that?
If not please don’t hesitate to ask me again and I will try to code it.

I am also not sure if I understand what you mean with buying. But as written above gem options are the only possibility - but gem options do not apear to every reader and if the story is new and have few reads it will not work if I remember right.

also to be honest most readers do not like the gem options - but of cause, it is your choice I am not telling you to not use them.

If you haven’t meant gem choice be please more specific what you meant with buying.

To make gem choice you have to write
< GEMS > in front of it - just without space (if I write the space forum hides it)

I don’t want it to cost actual gems; I see stories that allow readers to gain character points at the end of the chapter - they aren’t actually buying anything lol (if you know what I mean)

would it cost the readers actual gems?

I never seen this so I am not sure but basictly it will be in such case just a simple choice if thay want some points boost or not.

If you use gem choice first is free other cost reader gems as in oficial episode stories

Yes, but you can also have premium options instead (basically free gem options)

Would you like to buy any points?

< PREMIUM > “Yes please”{
goto next scene
“No thanks.”{
goto next scene

But the < PREMIUM > doesn’t have spaces in between it. It’s just it would be hidden if I wrote it like that on the forum.

I don’t see gem choices, but I always get the points I “buy”, I’m 100% sure. :wink: (At least I had a really high amount of heart points in Under You, and I bought heart points at the end of all chapters. :D)

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It cost gems only if the readers see them as a gem choice, else it’s free. But you can add only 2 gem choices/chapter (/branch).

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Actually this is evil. :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp: some have to pay while other have it for free…:face_with_monocle: HMM why episode did this?:woozy_face::woozy_face::woozy_face:

Because this feature is still in Beta. Anyway, I just hope that it still counts towards the author’s ‘gem choice clicks’.

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