Help needed with customization ERROR

Hey guys, I’m working on customization (Limelight) now and it turns out that I have this ERROR see screenshot below

I’ve already copied from the other customizations in my script to make sure that I’ve got the right name of eyebrow but nothing works… I hope that you can help me out!

Thanks in advance guys!:sweat_smile::blush:

ink or limelight


make sure all the names are replaced with your name



“No eyebrows exist”
If you are getting an error message saying that “no eyebrows” exist (or any other feature doesn’t exist), these are the 3 reasons why you would be getting that error:

The system does not recognize the character name. You either didn’t change the template’s name to your own character’s name, you misspelled your character’s name, or you have not created that character yet.You are using a male character in a female template (and vise versa)You are using an INK template in a Limelight story (and vise versa)

“No labels exist”
If you are getting warning messages saying that NO LABELS EXIST, then that means you put the template inside of a choice or if/elif/else code. Templates have labels and labels cannot be inside of brackets. You will need to place the template outside of the choice, then put a goto inside the choice that leads to the first label of the template. HERE 452 is an example of how to do that.


Ah thanks so much! I think I found out why because of your 1st reason

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Thanks, I’ll do that for sure :wink:

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