Help needed with directing!

Hello. I really want to have a scene in my episode story where there is a party and loads of people
are dancing in the background but i am confused on how i would do this, can someone help?

There’s a rooftop party template on, I believe you can just change the spots around including the BG and then bam: Click here for the template.


this might also help

You can either use a template online and give credits of course, or you can place all the characters you need screen center like
@CHARACTER00 stands screen center AND CHARACTER01 stands screen center AND CHARACTER02 stands screen center etc…
After you do that, go into the app or use the app previewer to change their spots, it’s in the spot directing section. Copy the positions into your script instead of screen center like:
@CHARACTER00 spot 0.962 40 186
I hope this helps you and if you’re still confused then just tell me I’ll try my best to help.

Hey, if you’re still looking for help with this, I can help you over here: KNOW YOUR PLACE! (Gargamel’s Character Spot Directing Shop)

I have examples of my work too.

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