Help Needed with futuristic story, Read this if interested!



I am planning on writing a short story that happens in the near future of 2030-2050. As I imagine cities will look a little different by then, I need help getting the best backgrounds to put in my story (Copyright-free of course, I mean, wouldn’t that be great? :wink: ). Yes, cities probably won’t be that much different, but I’d like a cutie that looks like androids live in it, because that’s what my story is about. If you’re interested, please PM me, and I can give you more details! Thank you for your time! :slight_smile:


I’m gonna try to find some futuristic ones!


Thank you! I really appreciate it. :blush:


I know @nataliesky.episode on Instagram has loads of amazing futuristic backgrounds :two_hearts:


Sounds like Detroit become human.
You should look it up and use the environment as reference.