Help needed with overlays

hey! is there any way to make my character (LL) move and perform animations with an overlay at the same time? i’m trying to make my character move with a flower basket (overlay) and then pick up a flower (overlay)


Yes, you would just have use the & command.
So sorta like
&overlay OVERLAY shifts to NUMBERS
@CHARACTER walks to spot NUMBERS

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ty i’ll test it

it doesn’t seem to work but ty

May I see how you coded it?

Well that’s just an example of the & command. You have to actually code the & in accordance to your script

sorry for the delay



@cut to zone 1

@MOTHER faces right
@MOTHER walks to spot -86 40 1 in 3

&overlay FLOWER_BASKET shifts to -86 40

@MOTHER enters from left to screen center AND MOTHER faces right
@MOTHER starts pet_kneel_happy_loop
@pause for 3
@MOTHER is pickup_paper_neutral
@pause for 2000

@MOTHER enters from left to screen left AND MOTHER faces right
@follow MOTHER to screen right in zone 1

@pause for 50000000000000

To be continued…

No worries!

Where do you want the basket of flowers to start and where do you want it to end? Right now you don’t have it coded to move so that’s why it’s not moving with your character. You’d need to first spot where the overlay starts and then put the code for it to move and time it, like the example Kaiden_doestuff was saying.

&overlay OVERLAYNAME shifts to ## ## in # (number of seconds you want it to take)
@CHARACTER walks to spot ## ## # in zone 1 in # (number of seconds it takes)

I would spot direct the character off to the side in zone 1 along with the overlay as well. And then put a small pause and then use the code above to move both the overlay and character at the same time.

So it would look something like this:
&cut to zone 1
&zoom reset
&MOTHER spot 1.280 -183 12 in zone 1 at layer 1 AND MOTHER faces right
&overlay FLOWER_BASKET create AND overlay FLOWER_BASKET opacity 1 in 0
&overlay FLOWER_BASKET shifts to -305 40 in zone 1
&overlay FLOWER_BASKET scales to 0.425 0.425
&overlay FLOWER_BASKET moves to layer 3
@pause for 0.5
&MOTHER walks to spot 1.280 160 0 in zone 1 in 4
@overlay FLOWER_BASKET shifts to 42 23 in zone 1 in 4

However, those shifts and scales likely won’t work for your overlay because I don’t know the size of your overlay but that’s an example. Set it into place first and then code it to move. You can just replace the numbers I have for the shifts and scales of the overlay (the numbers in bold) to the proper ones that fit your overlay.

tysm! it worked just fine!

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:yay: no problem!

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