Help needed with plotline


So, I’m currently struggling with writing my first story on Episode. Writer’s block, dullness, faded creativity, call it whatever you want.

I have a trivial idea about plot and/or what will happen as the story progresses. But I feel like my story misses its point, the most important aspect of every story (in my eyes :slight_smile:).

My story is called Egoist which is pretty self-explanatory.

The story is about a girl who dreams of being a psysicist (more specifically - quantum mechanic; I took inspiration from Mileva Marić). The girl is obviously very talented, always being better than her fellow classmates, amd she knows she is gifted. Other people are jealous, calling her an ‘egoist’ as an insult. She hears it so much that she becomes one.

At that point my brain stops functioning and refuses to give me more ideas. I’ve read some literature on egoism (ex. Max Stirner, Nietzsche,…), but nothing seems to inspire me. I wanted to mix a guy in, but in the end he would be rejected - you know, an egoist.

So I decided to turn to Episode Forum. I hope someone will be eager to help a newbie here :smile:


Okay, so I’m sorry in advance because my ideas are literally terrible, but maybe you could do it so that she tries to make a big discovery, but her egoism gets in the way somehow, and the experiment doesn’t go to plan. And she realises that her relationships with the outside world actually help her. That could maybe be where the guy comes into it? Maybe he helps her in her experiment and she realises egoism is not the correct way to live life?


Don’t worry, it’s not terrible at all! I’m open to all suggestions (as long as they don’t involve excessive drama/sex scenes/crappy romance or aren’t settled in reality). Yours actually gave me a really good ending, so thank you so much! :wink:


Of course, just a warning though, once someone gives you an idea that you like for the rest of the story, you may want to get rid of the plot from the post. It’s a pretty uncommon plot line and some people could potentially steal it :slightly_smiling_face:


Well, I’m almost sure not many people would want to write about this, judging from popularity of romance stories (those bad boy stereotypes, pregnant by…, gang leader fell in love with normal girl) :smile: I’ll let it hang in here for a few days, hopefully for other ideas someone else might come up with.
But, once again, thank you so much T.T


First of all, I’m so sorry you had to suffer through reading Stirner (not that I’m a totally biased Marxist or anything…:sweat_smile:). Second, I’m really intrigued by the premise of your story. I love that it seems to have a deeper, more philosophical meaning than just “girl next door fixes bad boy and then they have babies.” For a way to incorporate a romantic aspect into it, I think you can go two ways with it: Either the guy is not up to her standards and the MC believes she is above him, or the guy actually exceeds everything she is and the MC struggles with the fact that someone is better than her. I think if you go in either of these directions, the MC will undergo character development in which she can learn to criticize her egoism.


Thank you for your wonderful suggestions, I feel very inspired at the moment :blush: I forgot to mention that her main love interest is a genius in another field - art, which isn’t perceived as being ‘smart’ as being a science-directioned genius.

This came up reading your idea(s). Thank you very much :slight_smile:


Ooh I love that!! Good luck in your writing, I can’t wait to read your story :slight_smile:


I can provide you with an amazing storyline and also art in the story. :smile: Comment here if you want the plot and I will pm you. I can help with directing too if you have errors. But it’s advisable you are skilled in direction.