Help needed with script error

Hey guys, I recently copied and pasted this script template from Dara Marie and I keep getting this error. I’m not sure how to fix it, I tried everything and nothing’s working.

remove the } there is on line 3443 and see if it works, because I count one to many

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I tried it, still doesn’t work.

I could be wrong but maybe it’s } on line 3347 in the beginning? Since you already closed it on line 3346 there won’t be a need to close it again on that line

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I just took it out and it still says there’s an error on line 3439

Perhaps try putting “remove YOU CHARACTER” in a separate line?
So it would like it

@YOU CHARACTER stands screen center and YOU CHARACTER faces right (line 3441)

@remove YOU CHARACTER 2 (line 3442)

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Sorry that didn’t work either. I checked the script that I copied it from and I copied word for word so, I don’t what the exact problem is, I even remove ‘{’ on that line as well and I just got another error.

by any chance is this the choose gender mc or li?

yes, i have that choice first then when it goes into the female branch i added the customisation where the reader can choose their body type.

now you are missing a braket, you only have two end brackets }, but three opening brackets {

what line should i add the bracket?

This is the current version

I just went and got the script, this works fine for me, no problem. so I dont know why you are haveing one

label fem_end_btx2
Are you happy with how your character looks?
“Yes, she looks gorgeous!” {
readerMessage Follow @dara.amarie.ep on Instagram! with messageTitle Customization Template Credit
@JANE is primp_neutral
if (JANE = 1) {
@JANE becomes JANE2
@JANE stands screen center and JANE faces right and remove JANE3
@JANE is primp_neutral
gain MC_plussize
} else {
@JANE is primp_neutral
} “No, I want to change something.” {
goto fem_custom_btx2

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I just figured it out! Its because I changed the name of the gain to the characters name :woman_facepalming:t5:

Thank you both so much for helping me, I really appreciate it!
@Ryder14 @line123462


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