Help Needed with Tappable Overlays

Can anyone write a tappable overlay minigame code for me… I tried writing it but, it shows an unspecified error

I would be grateful to anyone who helps me with this

Take out the “else”, there’s no else in a tappable minigame. Move down your first tappable option to the next line, so it looks like:

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I tried fixing the error as per your instructions but still it shows as error…

there is actually “else” ( or any other non tappable choice) but only in the timmed tappable just to be precise ( but this minigame is not timed so the else shouldnt be there):relaxed:

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I hate this error which doest define what is wrong.:woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking: When you delete the tappable minigame do you still got error?

Just asking because I hvent noticed mistake so I wonder if the error istn elswhere.:thinking::thinking::woman_facepalming:

aldo to check if the coding of tappable is right you can change the word tappable for choice and add some narrator above it. if it will then look like a normal choice then the problem is not in the tappable minigame

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Try indenting all of your "NARR"s one more time so they turn blue. And is “FOOD EOVERLA” spelled correctly? It has to match whatever’s in your Art Catalogue, so f you spelled it “FOOD OVERLAY” when uploading you will have to fix that in your script.

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