HELP NEEDED with two different things please!

I have a background im needing made as well as a revision to my cover that i already have! please and thank you!

What is the revision that you need?

image image
This is what my cover looks like now but I would like to have it revised so that the lettering is all the same but the background will be different and no character at all.

Do you have the image or know where its from? Because if you do i may be able to help out although i do have a a bit of a waiting list

the background that im wanting created is of this door and i want a sign on it that says “Sigma Kappa President”

That sounds simple enough aha, i will start on it as soon as ive completed my current one :blush: x

thank you very much!!

Its ok x

Is this what youre wanting? If it is i will post the actual picture here for you but i just want to check its alright x

That’s good if you could just put it at the top of the door please?! Other than that it’s perfect!

Sure x

As a sign stuck onto the door?

Rather than hanging

yes please!


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