Help Needed Writing One Of My Stories!

Does anyone wanna help me write on of my stories?

  1. Best Friends Become Lovers
  2. Dancing To Love
  3. Descendants 3: The New Beginning
  4. Finding Mr. Anderson
  5. Finding Mr. Charming
  6. Forbidden Love
  7. Healing Of A Broken Heart
  8. In Love With The Mafia Leader
  9. Life Of A Girly Girl & Tomboy Hybrid
  10. My First Love
  11. My Toxic Friend
  12. New Girls
  13. Police Officer’s Daughter
  14. Save Me
  15. Swimming With Lust
  16. The Dare That Started It All
  17. The Musical Road To Happiness
  18. The Secret Admirer
  19. The Shy Performer
  20. The Young Actress
  21. My Toxic Friend
  22. Online Lover
  23. Forbidden Love
  24. Christmas Heartbreak

I would love to help you with your stories. I have wanted to upload an episode for a while but I’m having some trouble with my covers.

Great, thanks! Is there any one of the ones I listed in particular you want to help with?

Number 15, “Swimming with Lust” grabbed my attention. What’s it about?

I would be down just hmu if you wanna talk about stories

Great choice!

Well, after Clara’s parents die, her little sister is diagnosed with temainal cancer and she gets a job as a swimming coach to pay for treatment, And falls in love with one of her students.

Ooooo That’s sounds really good to me. I have some ideas so what are things you don’t want to include in the story?
For example, are against:
-Multi love interest
-Mature scenes or ideas
-Strong language

I don’t want too much violence

Ok good. I don’t really like violence :confounded::confounded:

KK. I’ll PM you and you can tell me your ideas! K?

sounds good :+1:t5:

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Is a lot of stories

are you sure you can control all of those?


Would you… Maybe… Consider helping me write one of them?

Sure! I can give some ideas. For which story out of the 20 you provided? I can give ideas, help with characters/background etc.

It’s up to you. Which one do you want to help me with?

At the rate I’m going and learning this programining I probably won’t be able to help for months. But when I’m done can I contact you to see if you have any new stories you want help on? I will be more than thrilled when I finally get this craziness down to help!

Okay, thanks!

hm, I can help you code the story In Love With The Mafia Leader

also I can help with the storyline too!