Help>>> needs a coding partner

hii guys
i am new here and i need an experienced coding person
bcoz i have a nice, cute romantic story it is very realistic
so i want help
pls some one be with me…

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I can help you :slight_smile:

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thank u for helping me out there
when will u be free??
because we may have a discussion on our story
and i hope u will help me so that u may write i mean code the story for me
once again thank u for ur reply and help:)

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I can code

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okay thanks are u now available??

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I am a pro coder and would love to help. PM if ur interested. Unfortunately I won’t even able to answer for about 2-3 weeks a second I an on a Scout Trip in Austria without my phone so sorry.
But I would love to help!!!


I can help you now if you want :slight_smile:

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its okay i can understand ur situation so that i will wait for u
because i am too a little busy for the next 2 weeks
i hope we can have some private discussion after these busy schedules (about the story)
by the way thanks for offering a helping hand
and can u just message me when u returns from australia or when u have ur phone in ur hand ??
once again thank u dear friend…


I’d love to help you out. I’ll be free in the weekends. I’m not the best at coding but we’ll figure something out.

Hey…Are you still coding…?cuz I need some great help coding my first story

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