Help! New box update that I can't get rid of?!



Okay, so I don’t know if this topic has already been posted.

I’ve been away, and have come back to continue writing my story, when I go to preview it, my characters are in this story box thing, they don’t move, and there isn’t more than one character on the screen at the same time, when the character has spoken it minimizes into nothing, and then maximizes into a blue box when they speak. They don’t walk, and can only perform actions. What the hell is this? I just want my ordinary ink story back where they can walk, talk and be on screen at the same time!

How do I get rid of the blue story box thingy behind the characters. Half of their bodies are cut off and I can just see the top half. Maybe I’m being blind but genuinely can’t find out how to get rid of it!

Please help.


Did you create a new story?

If you did, then you most likely chose the spotlight format instead of the cinematic format. You’re gonna have to create another new story and make sure you don’t choose spotlight. First you choose between classic, ink, and limelight, then you have to choose between spotlight or cinematic. You need to choose cinematic.


Hi thanks for replying!

No it’s an ongoing story, I haven’t been using episode in a few weeks (as been away) and I come back to find that my story has completely changed. My story is ink, but now its ink with my characters in a damn blue box.

Does this mean I have to start again?!


I try to use the “set format cinematic” but it doesn’t even work. Ugh this is so awful, why have episode changed original stories to spotlight and there is no way to change it back. Now I have to re-do characters and outfits!

Thanks Episode.


That’s not supposed to happen… You should submit a support ticket.

Here’s the address:


Thank you, I have done so.

Thanks for your help! Hope it gets sorted,


hi this actually happened to me this means your story is in spotlight format.
To fix it you have to make a new story and choose the cinematic format, copy your script and paste it into the new story. Make sure to re-create all the characters and outfits

hope this helped
by the way this is the answer I got from episode when I filed a ticket


Even though you made the story ages ago? How frustrating! Ugh thank you anyway.


no problem


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