Help new creator

So I need the character to change into a outfit before entering the scene. like this
character enters new background and goes to a different zone (The reader can’t see) and then change the outfit, and then comes into the zone the reader can see with a new outfit of course, but it doesn’t work for me, not even on my phone when I tested it, plss help me

It doesn’t have any errors, I don’t know man

It’s basically a bathroom scene, the MC takes a shower and then changed outfit, if you know what I mean

What zone is she standing in on this picture

In zone 1

Maybe try putting the outfit change before line 104

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If that doesn’t work try making the same outfit,but with a slight name change; Bikini_fit (no space, instead an underscore)

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Try this:

@cut to zone 1
&YOU spot 1.200 -64 60 in zone 1
@pause for 2

@YOU walks to spot 1.200 207 95 in zone 2 AND YOU does it while walk_exhausted_loop
@YOU changes into Bikini Fit
@pause for 3

readerMessage 15 minutes later.

@pause for 2

@YOU walks to spot 1.200 172 97 in zone 1

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IT WORKED!!! Thank you so much for you help both of you, I just had to change the outfit name to Bikini_fit instead of Bikini fit

Thank you both!!