Help offered to write

Hey Guys. So right now I’m in the process of finishing my first story- Shattered Souls. And then I intend to take a pause, to organize my ideas. But until then I am available. For this reason if someone needs help developing their ideas or writing, I am available to help.:slight_smile:

Hey , your story is in my favourites :blush:
I actually also published a story —> Choose!!!
And many says my FIRSTNAME and PETNAME isn’t working , what should I do?

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Thank you so much.:slight_smile: What do you mean firstname and petname? you mean when you put the coding for the readers to choose their own names?


Have you checked the templates by @Dara.Amarie?

No , where I can check them?

this is the link to her page, it has everything you need to help you with the coding, the woman is amazing. I never used that particular template but I used the ones she has for costumizing the characters and it worked perfectly, I’m sure you’ll find the answer there.:wink:

Thanks for helping :blush:

Your welcome.:slight_smile:

Hey, this is really generous of you! I have a book called ‘Two Faced’ an it’s about an undercover agent who goes back to college in order to track down a guy. As of now, I’ve written 3 episodes of my story but I’m not too sure about where it is going and I don’t want it to have too many plot holes.

I was wondering if you could give me any advice or suggest where it should go without it being a typical and cliche romance book! <3

I PM you.:wink:

I could use help…

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PM me and tell me how I can help you.:slight_smile: