!Help on Character!

Hey guys. I have two characters I need help on. I could never figure out ways to put their characteristics into the actual character. Here are the two personalities:

  1. Her name is Della
    •She has the ability to control water so if you could incorporate some of that, it would be so cool
    •she is classy and fashionable.
    •she also try’s to gain the princes heart but is annoyed other people are too, so she needs to look very nice on the outside.
    •finally she betrays the main characters at the end so she has many secrets

  2. His name is Dash
    •He doesn’t have an ability
    •1 of two of the main characters best friend
    •He is reassuring, very competitive, but very kind and sweet
    •also he picks up all the girls :joy:

Thank again! Contact me for any questions at any point.

You mean the look of your characters, right?

Some tips I’ve seen while browsing through reading and writing guides:

Hair tends to convey the most personality!

For guys, having spiky or “up” hair can show extravertedness and confidence.
so hairstyles like:

might work! Bolder colors will also help if you want this type of personality, so maybe do a red or just a bold color against his skin tone.

Having hair that is down or longer can convey wisdom, experience, or vanity.
So hairstyles like


For your female character, I would recommend flowy hair to match with her water ability. You could also do blue eyes. Maybe do a curled one, like:

Having styled-looking hair can help show your character’s interest in looking good. Sleek hair can give off an aura of coolness though, if that’s more along the lines of what you imagined.

Ok great! Thank you for the tips! This should be helpful and I really like your ideas, but I can’t figure out how I want the chins, eyes, and nose or even freckles. I know it sounds stupid but those are probably the most challenging parts.

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I feel for your girl maybe you could do the long and wavy hair, in which because it has a sort of “wet look”

Lol ok I’ll try it. Thank you!

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Pointy chins and eyes usually give the idea that the character is mean and/or confident and brave.
Chins and eyes that are more oval and round give the idea that the caracter is kind and/or shy.
I hope this little information will help you decide about their looks!

Yes definitely thank you! But I’m wondering how to do dash. I need him to have cunning eyes without looking, idk weird I guess. I’m so picky sry guys

the pale brown colour looks great for that

Ok great thank you!

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I think freckles can make a character younger and therefore more innocent. These might work if your character is attempting to appear this way or they really are innocent. I agree with the comment about eyes and face shapes further down; pointier features can mean confidence, maturity, shrewdness, etc. and people with rounder, softer features can be see as nicer/more trustworthy.

Hope this helps!

Ok great wasn’t 100% positive. But thanks for the help.

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