Help on deleting old story!

Hi everyone!!:hearts:

I am currently working on a story but there are other try and error stories I have.
Is there any way to delete previous stories of your own?

Thank you!!

you cant delete a story if you saved your script that has something in it.

The only way u can delete your story, is that if it doesnt have anything saved in your script, and if nothing is in your script, meaning, if you did not saved it, then you can delete your story, even if it isnt published.

U can still delete it as long as nothing is saved in your script.

Do you know how delete the stories.
cause I kept on looking around but I did not know how to delete them :sweat:
thank you.

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there isnt a fully delete button that episode installed as yet.

oh ok thank you anyway:hearts:

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Solved and closed. Thanks!