Help on deleting story!



I started so many stories before and now i ended up having soo many
Does any one knows how to delete them?


Once you make a story and start writing on the first chapter, you can not delete the story.


Well, it depends. If you created your stories on mobile and have it connected to your computer / laptop, you can delete it from there. However, I don’t think Episode added the ability to delete stories on the computer! You can just delete everything in your script and leave it alone, or just add a default title. I hope this helps! :grinning: :+1:


yeah, got it thanks Just because i have so many empty stories and i wsnt them to be deleted so annoying





Hi all! Closed thread (Thanks to @Victoria_Vasquezz for the assist). Also moved it to the correct section (Directing Help & Tips) as this was a help question. Thanks! :mage::eight_pointed_black_star::star2::star::ok_hand: