Help on Episode Guidelines?

Hey there,
A total newbie on writing here, so my question might come off as preposterous to some, but I genuinely am unsure and don’t want to accidentally do something that’s inherently prohibited.
So I had a new story idea where I would have to mention an actual book (an old Roman one) and maybe even one line from it. But I’m not sure if I’m allowed to do that. And I also wanted to ask if I could incorporate a fictional character into the story? The guidelines mention that historical figures and celebrities are prohibited, but how about a fictional character of a show? It’s really just the name that is important to me, the character wouldn’t even have the exact same story/background etc. And also, since historical figures are not allowed… does it also apply to mythical gods/creatures? Like would it be wrong to mention for example the god Apollon (without creating a character for him! Just to mention him/ a glimpse of his story)?
If anyone knows that, I would really appreciate it. I have no problem of working around it/creating my own myth with gods etc., but the book was kinda important for the plot. So I basically would have to come up with another idea :sweat_smile:

unleash its a short mention like, I love taylor swift. or why do we have to study Columbus his story is a complete lie. but you cant have it revolve around your MC meeting Taylor swift, or even just go to a concert with her

no real life celebrities
no historical figures
no going to a real life tv show

yes you can use old gods
and yes you can use mythical creatures if not episode had quite a lot of vampire stories they need to remove in the top 100

just think when you make charaters, which are able to sue. because thats why the rule is their

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Thank you so much for the quick answer! :smile:

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