Help on First and Last name input!

I need help on this:

I don’t know if I can have 2 name inputs like that, in the part where it says "Are you sure your name is (NAME) (NAME).
I put it like that and previewed it on my phone and it showed this for example "Are you sure your name is (NAME) Garcia.
It doesn’t show the first name in the first name input.
I don’t know what i’m doing wrong
Can anyone help me? please

Your “answer” inside the parentheses in the input code needs to be different

label name_input

input What’s your first name? | What’s your first name? | Done (NAME)

input What’s your last name? | What’s your last name? | Done (LAST)

Is [NAME] [LAST] your name?

“Yes” {
} “No” {
goto name_input

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Oh okay thankyou for your help!!