Help on getting ideas for backgrounds?

Yes, I have a background request thread, but what I mainly had that thread for was finding ideas for interior backgrounds. I want a bedroom background for my story, but I can’t really think of what to add…

You could try searching “bedroom tumblr” , “bedroom ideas” , “bedroom architecture” on Google Images. You can find beds in many positions there (for example sideways or diagonal). This is how i find my backgrounds and it works so I hope this is helpful :sweat_smile:

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As a fellow background designer I relate to your struggle.

I usually try to think of what you normally associate with the type of background I want to make. So if it’ is for instance, say a bedroom I ask myself "what do I have in my own bedroom, apart for the bed that is and what does this things have to say about me? And what do I need to add to the background to tell a story about the person living there?

For instance in one of my story’s I have this girl that want’s to become a confectioner. So then I’ve added things related to sweets and pastries. Like cupecake paintings. Pillows in the form of cupcakes etc.
Another time I have a musician - then it’s instrument, sheet music and things that you use when composing music.
The room needs to tell its own story about the personliving there, I think. What does he/she like? Is he/she a clean or messy person? Things like that. Yes still be fuctional for a background.

Good luck with your backgrounds.

Here’s one of the bedrooms I’ve made

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