Help on how to write a story

Hi. My name is Margarida, I love this app and I’ve played Episode for ages. But I decided I wanted to create my own story.
The question is… When you have an idea for a story, you just think about a few topics and then you write the dialogue in the app or you write something like when the writers write their books and then when you put the episode in, you just put in the most important things.
Also I already know what characters I want in my story and their personalities, backgrounds, names, etc etc.
I have a title for my story too.
Help bc idk how to go from there :slight_smile:

Here’s a really basic outline that I hope will get you started. First, figure out what you want the story to be about : What is your idea? Purpose for writing it? What message do you want your story to convey (e.i. overcoming fears to achieve a goal, change your character’s life with a great opportunity? Strength in the face of adversity? Solve the mystery? Find love in an unlikely place?) Basically : What is your story about?

Then you’ll want to break it into parts, which is where a guide like this one comes in handy.

Once you have your “acts” or arcs planned out you can start breaking them down into scenes to code in your story. It’s not really like writing a book-style story, since with animations you can show instead of tell for most situations. You can find TONS of different style planning/guides for writing a story and adapt them to how you write best. If you are someone who writes more ‘seat of your pants’ style, you can still use guides/planners like this one to organize the ideas that pop up for you. If you are the other way, and want a full plan before starting to write scenes, a guide like the one I posted images of would help because it’s a more ‘deep dive’ style of plotting.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for your help. I will have in mind your advice :slight_smile:

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No problem and if this type of planner doesn’t work for you, you can google “story writing planner” or “novel writing guide” and many visual guides as well as helpful sites will come up. :slight_smile:

Good luck with your story! :slight_smile:

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