Help on my story plot - high profile party gone wrong


I’m in the very beginning process of coming up with a plot for my new story. I am changing ideas constantly, but I think I know how I’d like to start. MC works for a very rich, young couple, as a nanny for their 5 yr old daughter. They invite her to an exclusive, high profile, expensive party. Now, I want something to happen at this party to ‘thicken the plot’, whether it be a person she meets, something to happen, or something she finds out, perhaps about the couple that she works for - I’m not sure yet. It could be horror, mystery, fantasy, honestly I’m open to anything. Any ideas about what events could happen at this party?

I do have a couple ideas in mind already, but I’d be curious as to hear what you guys have to say :))


Hey, I think your idea is really good. So here is my idea:
MC needs to use the bathroom. On her way there she overhears a Conversation with the couple and a stranger.
The stranger blackmails the couple about the man having an affair (or even a child) with another women


She can go check on the daughter to make sure she’s asleep, and she can be crying and say ‘there not my parents’


Or she can actually fall for the dad? Cliché? maybe?


How about finding out the family’s torture room? Too much? Mk.


Oohhh that’s a good idea. Thank you! Of course, if I decide to take any inspiration from your idea I’ll let you know.


HAHAHAH honestly most of my stories have some sort of sick twist like that…I can’t help it, I love shocking readers


Oh goodness that’s terrifying. Thank you :joy::joy::smiley:


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