Help on new Phone Chat Feature I saw in a story

Hey guys,
I haven’t been here in the creators side of Episode for 1,5 years so I missed quite a bit.
But I saw in one of the featured stories that they used some kind of new feature to show two characters having a chat on the main characters phone. The speechbubbles looked like real chat messages and didn’t disappear when the next message was displayed. And it didn’t use the “INT. CELLPHONE - DAY” Background.
I would really like to use that feature for my story and wondered if someone could tell me how to use it. I couldn’t find a thread on here talking about it…so is it maybe only available to featured creators? I’d be really glad for any help you guys can give me! Thanks in advance!

set format phonetext

This will make the dialogue turn into text messages.

To go back to regular format, use:

set format cinematic

You can read more about that here: 📱 HOW TO: Phone - Text messages

Do you think you could find a screenshot or two of what you’re talking about? I’m pretty sure they’re just overlays but I could be wrong

yeah just give me a minute

Thank you! This is what I’ve been looking for!


Can’t open the episode right now, since it was in one of the later episodes and I don’t have enough tickets right now :see_no_evil:

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