Help on portal?

Hi guys! so whenever I go to preview my story it says this:

I don’t know what to do and it’s really annoying, my computer is the only computer it does this on. I’m using a MacBook Pro and idk if that’s the reason why?

try refreshing the page or force quit safari. i write on macbook and this doesn’t happen

I’m using chrome, and I’ve already tried refreshing. I even reset my entire MacBook and it still happens.

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Is there an errror in your script?

i think filing a ticket is the best option

No, I just wrote something random as an example. This happens either way

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I have and nothing they suggested worked

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what about force quitting chrome and clearing your history

I think that’s what they said to do but I’ll try again

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clearing your history would be the preferred option

It’s still the same

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is your script ok?

Yeah, I just wrote something random to show what it was doing

All i have is: INT. BLACK - NIGHT and a few lines of script

everything seems fine rn I literally can’t think of anything for you to do