Help on profile picture!


Hi. Does anyone have ideas for what we could have as our profile picture on here? If you do, comment below please! :blush:


@Episode-Royalty what do you mean?


You could have a female in a fancy/presentable clothing with a crown/tiara on her head doing a unique pose.


you should have crown that says queen


@granolias @Episode-Diamonds Cool ideas. Do you know anyone who could make it for us? :blush:


A profile picture for our account instead of the black crown we have at the moment. :slight_smile:


@granolias @Episode-Diamonds Great ideas. Do you know anyone who could make it for us? :grin:


we can


You can go to our thread


you should have a picture of @WinterMoon05 siting on a throne wearing a crown


I could make it unless you have someone else to. :grinning:


Sounds awesome. I have to request on your thread? But I don’t exactly know what I’m meant to ask for lol since it was yours and @granolias’s idea.


Well we have 2 different ideas. I guess we could both make a profile picture and you could choose between them.


Sounds good!

Sorry, I keep switching accounts lol. It’s Winter (me) on both.


Haha, it’s fine! So where will you send the details of the profile picture? Here or PM?


What do you need? I can send it here. :slight_smile:


@Episode-Diamonds, do you still want to make a profile pic for us? :woman_shrugging:t3:


I’ve gotta go but I’ll be back in about 10 minutes. I just have to eat lol. I’ll send the details you want when I get back. :wink:


okay sounds good!

I’ll need:
Character details
Pose (or for custom, a reference pose)
Clothing (or for custom, a reference clothing picture)