Help on split screen directing

Can any wonderful person out there explain how to do a split screen in limelight and how to do a sliding screen to change scenes, pretty please with sugar, cherry and don’t forget the chocolate on top :grin:

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Hi @Tea09 and giphy to the Episode Community Forums. My name is Nick and I’m the Forum Admin (I do lots of behind the scene’s work as well as moderating) here to help & assist :wave: I see that you might be in need of some directing help. I went ahead and moved your thread to the Directing Help & Tips section of the forums to increase the chances of your request being seen by members of the community who are happy to help :cat_typing:. Feel free to check out our Forum Tutorial located here for more info on where to correctly create threads on the forums. And if you have any forum-related questions feel free to private message our forum moderator @Sydney_H or me and we will get back to you asap. Thanks and I hope you enjoy your stay with us :v:

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