Help on story description!

Hey I’ve finished 3 episodes of my story but I’m still stuck on the description for the story. So I’d really appreciate some help!

My story is basically about 3 young adults living together - Emma, Mila and Benji - and just the stuff they get up to. It’s different things happening each episode kinda like a sitcom which is why I’m struggling to come up with a description.

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Where is it set?

Experience adulting with Emma, Mila and Benji, three friends living together.
(This can be the first line)

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The USA, but I’m not sure which state because I don’t know much about them. Maybe California or Florida I’m not sure :sweat_smile:

That’s really good, thank you sm! :relaxed:

Maybe try setting it where you live or somewhere that seems “fun” and you can get information on because if you look at shows such as friends it being set in New York is kinda important. Usually sitcoms like this will have where it is set be obvious, it helps when you are writing your problems they have since problems that Brits have will be different to American people problems. Since the culture is so different and it might help attract readers like saying “Look into the life of (names) while living in the big city.” But obviously that will need a little work on that to make it more interesting.

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Thank you, this helped a lot! I think I’m going to set it in California :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Hello everyone how are u
Just wanted to ask if anyone would help me with my story description cuz I cant post my own theme im a new user. Thank you and have a wonderful day

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