Help Out a Great Friend and Person ❤

Hey guys! I don’t usually do this sorta thing, but @brvnda needs our help! She’s super nice, an artist, and the author of the popular story Love Has No Color !

She is going to visit her boyfriend soon, and would like to get hair extensions so she can look extra pretty when she visits.
Unfortunately, for her, money is tight in her family, she cannot afford the hair. :disappointed_relieved: Butttt…

If you click on this link:

Then you can help her get the hair of her dreams! You don’t have to pay any money and this is completely free, and as it appears, not a scam. Once 500 people have simply clicked on the link, then exited after a moment or two, she gets the hair!

Here are her Instagram Posts about this!

You can click on the link as many times as you want! The more the better, it will go faster.

Let’s do this!


And remember, you don’t have to register :grin:

clicked on the link. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you so much for supporting! :heart_eyes:

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Aww! Your the kindest person on here, this is amazing! :sparkling_heart:

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Done, hope it helps!
Good luck girl :slight_smile:

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Clicked on the link! :heart:

Omg, thank you! That is so very sweet! Made my day :smile:

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Aww thanks for your support! :heart:

Clicked it :grin: Good luck

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Thank you so much! :smile::heart_eyes:

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Clicking as much as I can. Much love @brvnda!

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Omggg thank you u :pray::pray::pray::heart_eyes: