Help out a struggling author?

Hey! So a few months ago I published my story. I just published episode 6, and I have only 28 reads. I know it could be a lot worse, but it just feels disappointing. I didn’t just jump into Episode and say “well, I’m gonna write a story”. No. I planned for months and got artists and reviewers. So I guess my point is, I have spent so many hours of my life on this story perfecting every angle and it doesn’t seem to be paying off.
If you’re interesting in just trying it out to help me, that would be much appreciated :slight_smile: I would be happy with feedback/advice etc. Feel free to drop your stories as well.

Story Title: The Huntsman’s Curse
Genre: Fantasy/adventure/romance
Author: LG
Description: With war looming, Ember must make a choice: Protect her country and her king, or lose her heart to the cursed Huntsman. You decide her fate. [CC, LL, Choices Matter]
Story link:
My Instagram: @episode.LG


Hey I would love to do a R4R


dang only 28. have you advatise yourself, I been doing r4r like crazy for mine and had a lot people share my story. also post on insta. that can helo get it som atention. your cover looks good and the description too. so its most like because people havent seen it

if its good I can give it a shout out, but I only do that for stories I like


A couple tips for getting started on Episode

  1. Make sure that you’re on Instagram! There’s a huge community there and you can connect with other authors and readers.
  2. Try joining a contest. I know that doesn’t sound like it’ll directly help this story, but contests are a great way to get your story out there and connect with other community members. If someone enjoys your contest entry, they may also try your current story.
  3. Check out some group accounts. You may find one that’s hiring and you can join. You might also see the chance to have reviews posted.

Ok! Thank you so much. I am on Instagram but it’s kind of slow there :confused:

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Sure! Cute cover btw


I just realise I already read your story, its even saved. I just havent continnuied reading it so never mind for the r4r.

ah, yes. I remember haha

Thank you ,Ok I feel you it does take a lot of time to write a episode story and it being under review sucks I like your cover to.

Thanks :slight_smile:

What’s your Instagram so I can tag you?

I can still give you that shout out though, it properly might only give one reader, but hey any shout out helps

so whats your insta

Thank you! It’s episode.LG

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It’s jazz.epsiode01

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I will follow you now :slight_smile:

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I can give a shout out and I’ll check your story.
I understand how you feel it takes time and you have to do a lot r4rs and promotion your story on IG and forums keep promoting and updating you’re chapters.

I love you’re cover btw :slight_smile:

My IG @faithxprincessx

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Thank you so much!

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Hey girl !
I’m happy to do read for read if you like :slight_smile:
This is my Instagram lea.episode.1

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Will do!

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