HELP: Outfit Maker Thing Keeps Crashing


Hello! I’ve been having a problem with the outfit maker thing. If you don’t necessarily know what that is, there is a picture down below.

For around a couple months, whenever I try to create an outfit and I’m creating one for more than 2 minutes, the whole site freezes for a while then just crashes. This has made making outfits for my characters slightly agitating, and if possible, I’d like to know how I could fix this bug. Thank you for your time :smile: xx


I’d advise submitting a ticket to the Episode Support Team. :grin:


I will do that! Thank you very much :slight_smile:


You’re welcome & good luck with getting it fixed! :wink:


if your computer/laptop/what you’re writing on is slow, the huge amount of outfits may cause a crash. if that’s the issue you should try writing on another device and see how that works.

if you’re writing on something that’s newer and that you don’t believe should be crashing, you should submit a ticket. :slight_smile: