Help, Outfits plzzzzzzz!

So I’m working on starting my first story (cowriten with a friend), It fits in the thriller/mystery genre, and all I can say is it’s sub category in real world would be slasher flick. Now I’m trying to come up with an outfit for my killer that doesn’t reveal the identity. Any idea’s?

Details: Ll
If possible figure out for either male or female

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Is it boy or girl?
ink or LL?

Sorry just edited post, it is Ll, I’m gonna say both cuz I haven’t figured it out with my co-author yet

Ok I’ll try to make a boy and girl.


That’s the only mask that covers a face in LL

Yeah I thought so, I’m trying to find ways that when the reader sees the killer, they would find it pretty hard to guess who it could be

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And they don’t have gloves which is annoying

super annoying

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Yes I agree they might have doctor gloves?

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I know a way to make it obvious who the character is. You make the avatar and then you choose shadow it’s going to look like this

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sorry for the low quality picture

You should choose body color silhouette, go to the hair change the color to silhouette doesn’t work wih manbun go to the eyebrows choose “none” repeat with the eyes, nose and mouth. You can go to the outfits and change the character’s outfit. It works in both male and female. (If you have read the episides original story “Blood Lust” they use that kind of technick )



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Definitely will do thanks!

Thanks! Will do

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My pleasure :two_hearts: