Help over here ! be nice and helppp

hello you guys , could you help me with these backgrounds
i am searching for hours and i still cannot find anything that fits
please !
outside school garden
design classroom
school hall
pricipal’s office
storage room
hidden spot for crying
school bathroom
mall with plus size models

I’ve this background. I made it for my own story, you can use it, if you credit me!

Desk Overlay:

Credit Name: @Vanessa.h_storys

I know you need help but saying ‘Mall with fat models’ isn’t very nice… You should change it to Plus Female.


i know and i’m sorry , just the whole story is about them and all i had is malls with generic females and i need one with plus female since the episode added them !!!

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Still. They aren’t named ‘Fat’.


alright just plus female didn’t pop in my head that moment sorry


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